Getting Started

 Q: How do I read stories and post my own?

 A: Press “Sign Up” in top right, and input the information required. From there you can read stories across the site, and create your own!

 Q: Is VoyceMe free?

 A: VoyceMe is completely free.

 Q: How can I interact with the community, talk with authors, and participate in publishing competitions?

 A: If you press “Interact with the community” near the top of the site, you will be able to join our Discord community server.

 Q: Is VoyceMe a finished product?

 A: VoyceMe is always being worked on. Every single day we are always adding new features, new ways to interact with every author, and increasing the experience for every reader and writer.

Posting Content

 Q: How do I post my story?

 A: All you need to do is make an account, press “Add New Series”, fill out the information for your series, and then add a new chapter!

 Q: Are there any content restrictions?

 A: Please go to our terms of services for the type of content that is restricted. If your stories have any sensitive topics please give a warning with the description of your series.

 Q: What name is shown publicly for stories I create?

 A: Your “Username” under your profile is shown as the “Author” for the series that you publish. Your first and last name is private information.

 Q: Can I earn money from posting my stories?

 A: Yes! We make it very simple for all authors to start generating revenue. Please head to the Ad Share Program on your profile for more exact information!

 Q: Can I view my own posts?

 A: Yes, you would make your series a draft. Then search for your series. This also works for chapters as well to see what a chapter will look like.

Q: Is my content protected and do I own the rights?

A: Any content you post you maintain 100% of the rights too.

Q: Can I post my writing if it includes unoriginal or copyrighted characters, settings, or intellectual property (fanfiction)? Can it be monetized?

A: Content containing unoriginal elements (such as fanfiction) is allowed on the site but cannot be monetized, as stated in our Terms of Service.